We want your experience at sea to be complete, and because of that, we complement it with water activities that will make enjoy from the youngest to the eldest.
La Brise Charter Ibiza

Stand Up Paddle

Anyone who has stood up on a paddle board knows the funny feeling that you experience when you get to move around the sea as if you were levitating on its surface. With the sole push of the arms on a lightweight aluminum oar, it is possible to move easily through the most remote recesses of the coast, and thus be able to admire and contemplate more closely all its beauty.

La Brise Charter Ibiza


As simple as putting on water goggles with an attached tube that easily sticks to the mouth in order to breathe, this is Snorkel. A window to the contemplation of the marine secrets that are under our feet. Better than if we saw a National Geographic documentary on our HDTV, the sharpness is even greater practicing snorkling and we can really touch and interact with the immense nature that surrounds us as well as appreciate its unimaginable colors and shades.

La Brise Charter Ibiza


For those who want to get deeper, our little friend (Seabob), will drive a few meters below driven by its propeller engine so that we have a closer contact with the seabed, or simply to move more quickly under the water with the purpose of experiencing more closely the feeling of moving like a fish in the water.

La Brise Charter Ibiza


Who does not like to experience the sensation of freedom that is experienced when sailing faster than the wind with an immense sea ahead of us? This is now possible thanks to our JetSki. Playing with the waves dodging them, jumping on them, skidding in the sea ... everything you can imagine and more, you can do with a jet ski and, most importantly, safely.

Do not miss the opportunity to complement your Day Charter with any of these activities because, without a doubt, it will make your marine experience an even more unforgettable day! More information