Deep Eivissa

14 march, 2018
Ibiza, Eivissa, search and discover: Ebusus, name from punic or fenician origin | La Brise Charter

In its origin means "land of pines" and also "island of the god Bes", Egyptian deity whose cult, very popular in the Punic world is found in coins and figurines of the island ... I wonder what sensations the first Phoenicians peoples could experience when they arrived on the island. Back then, it was not the same island as it is now. An island known throughout the world for its cultural diversity and its excellent climate. With people who come to stay (like me) and people who leave, taking it in their hearts and in their memories. Since the day I met her, I have bathed in all its beaches, I have navigated its waters and I have discovered its magic and its most secret corners by land and sea.

El pasado siempre nos acompaña, pero cada vez que voy a Eivissa siento una exaltación de libertad salvaje que me lleva a desprenderme del pasado y habitar en el presente cada hermoso instante que vivo en ella. Hay mucho que ver y disfrutar, y mucho que descubrir desde el mar. Rincones a los que no llegas, sino en pequeñas embarcaciones. En Ibiza oí por primera vez la palabra chárter. Aquel primer verano que viví en la isla no sabía que disfrutaría de todos esos lugares desde uno de esos barcos de alquiler, también llamados de chárter. Gracias a esa experiencia pude descubrir acantilados, playas desconocidas y ensenadas con un único acceso desde el mar. Experiencias inolvidables que compartiría más tarde con mis clientes.

The past always accompanies us, but every time I go to Eivissa I feel an exaltation of wild freedom that leads me to detach myself from the past and live in the present every beautiful moment I live in it. There is much to see and enjoy, and much to discover from the sea. Corners that you do not reach, but in small boats. In Ibiza I first heard the word charter < / strong> That first summer I lived on the island I did not know I would enjoy all those places from one of those charter boats , also called charter. Thanks to that experience I was able to discover cliffs, unknown beaches and inlets with a unique access from the sea. Unforgettable experiences that I would share later with my clients.

Winter is the season of rest, of meeting with friends in the countryside to enjoy feasts elaborated among all that the island of Scorpio gives us in exchange for a bit of winter peace. The winters are to nourish the soul, to return to oneself and connect with the secret Ibiza, the Ibiza that was and still is in the hearts of many, in the memory of many others and in all those corners to which the mass has not yet arrived despite the social networks. She, Escorpiana, resists being discovered on all sides.

If you want, I can guide you in that search.