Beach of Ses Illetes, Formentera

23 March, 2018
Beach of Ses Illetes, Formentera | La Brise Charter

If you enjoyed like a child the experience lived in the surroundings of the beach of Ses Salines, then, and even within the same natural park of Ses Salines, you will be enthusiastic about the wonderful and incomparable beach of Ses Illetes, in Formentera. It is located to the north of this island and next to the small island of Espalmador, both very visited (especially in summer) due to its beauty. On the beach of Ses Illetes (or Illetas, simply), we can find everything one could wish to find in a heavenly place and thus be able to make your holiday an unforgettable moment: the cleanest water in the Balearic Islands; the most beautiful turquoise tones that you have seen until today (both thanks to the magnificent and well-known Posidonia seaweed); an immense biodiversity; a fine white sand; an environment of century-old junipers that intermingle with the shore in an attempt to reach the sea; and places where you can enjoy authentic Mediterranean cuisine in a place stopped in time so that minds and hearts float without more occupation than relaxing and enjoying.

The best way to get to this paradise is to rent a motorboat or a pleasure yacht run by a professional skipper. It is a short journey, 30 minutes nothing else, from the city of Ibiza, but without a doubt an unforgettable journey. At the moment we are leaving behind the marina of Ibiza we can already contemplate from the sea the wonderful view of Dalt Villa, the old walled city, which, at the top, observes us in the same way that it has observed all those sailors, fishermen, visitors, locals, pirates and corsairs that for centuries arrived at its port. As we move away and head towards the Ses Freus Strait (the obligatory passage on the way to Formentera), we begin to be aware of the privileged environment where we are: surrounded by an intense blue sea while we feel the caresses of the wind on our faces, time that our boat raffles the crests of the waves as if it were a dolphin. And it is precisely these incredible, surprising and friendly mammals that we will have the opportunity to see jumping gracefully on the waters that we crossed on our way to Ses Illetes.

Once we have left behind the Strait of Ses Freus, we glimpse Espalmador, a tiny island separated at least from Formentera by a tongue of sea that we leave to port (our left) on the way to our longed for destination: Ses Illetes. As if it were a postcard of a paradise island in an archipelago of the Pacific Ocean, Illetas Beach awaits our arrival. A pure and crystalline water where you want to dive, swim in it without stopping, as well as put on some glasses and be able to admire its marvelous seabed. Once we arrive, of course we are not alone, others like us also decided to embark on this journey advised, wisely, by others who preceded them. For this reason, on our arrival we will be able to see how some sailboats, catamarans or yachts anchored in this privileged enclave, because it is the best way to get closer to this bit of natural landscape since there are more restrictions by land.

Once the anchor has been dropped and having enjoyed any of the marine activities within our reach (Snorkle, Seabob, Stand Up Paddle or Jet ski), as well as having roasted in the sun lying on the bow of our boat, it is time to replace forces. Nothing better than choosing any of the restaurants located on the beach of Illetas, which can be accessed through a boat service that restaurants put at our disposal. The Mediterranean gastronomic offer always includes a paella or rice soup with fish and seafood as well as the famous Bullit de Peix with aioli as well as many other delicacies that are impossible to resist, and always watered, as it could not be otherwise, by a white and fresh wine, ideal for a hot summer day.

During the meal, we can not stop marveling at the privilege of having arrived there surrounded by such a beautiful nature and enjoying those simple but pleasant pleasures that life offers us. And toasting is what we will end up doing before embarking again on our yacht, which will lead us back to sunset at the place where we started, but this time with a wonderful and unforgettable memory that will become part of our happiest memories forever.